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How DeltaCare USA Works

DeltaCare USA is our copay (or DHMO-type) plan. It requires enrollees to choose one primary DeltaCare USA network dentist for their routine dental care. With helpful online tools to locate participating providers, it’s easy to find and select a dentist. (If an enrollee does not select a primary care dentist, Delta Dental will select one near the enrollee’s home address.)

Enrollees pay only a predetermined copayment — a fixed dollar amount — at the time of the visit. Enrollees receive a welcome kit upon enrollment, which defines their copayments up front for all covered services.

How to Use DeltaCare USA

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Select a DeltaCare USA Dentist

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Receive a Welcome Kit

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Schedule an Appointment

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Receive Dental Care

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Pay Copay Directly to Dentist

There are no annual maximums or deductibles to satisfy before the plan begins paying benefits.

A copay with choice

Enrollees (in most states) are required to visit a DeltaCare USA network dentist, but that doesn’t mean their choices are limited. Our copay plan is about more than affordability — we’ve built a large DeltaCare USA network so your enrollees can choose a great primary care dentist that suits their needs. The DeltaCare USA network gives enrollees plenty of options if they need to visit a specialist (their primary care dentist will help coordinate care).

Web features for DeltaCare USA enrollees

With our Online Services, it’s simple for your DeltaCare USA enrollees to maximize their plan. Registration is easy – the three-step process takes just a few minutes. Be sure to share this information with enrollees so they can take advantage of all the great features.

Find and select a DeltaCare USA dentist

Enrollees can find a provider and select or change their dentist behind login to Online Services (or by calling 1-800-422-4234.) If they know their network, enrollees can also Find a Dentist without logging in to Online Services.

Check benefits, eligibility, and claims

Checking specialty claims statements and benefits and eligibility, including covered services is easy with Online Services.

View or print ID cards

Enrollees can view, print or email their ID cards.

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